Saturday, April 27, 2013

Millionaires, Ashland High, Lancifer | Concert

This past Wednesday I went to Joliet, IL to see the Millionaires, Ashland High, Lancifer, and more! The Millionaires make the perfect music to let loose and dance to. They're badass chicks, but real sweethearts. Love them and have been a fan since the good ol' Myspace days! Ashland High (Trace Cyrus aka Miley's brother aka the singer from Metro Station) was good, too! I was super pumped when he did 'Shake It'. I had not heard of Lancifer prior to this show, but I can safely say that I love him now! He's like if 3OH!3 and Ke$ha had a baby. Go listen to Bring Your Bass (Let's Drop It). You won't be disappointed.

I was tempted to bring my 5D, but I wasn't sure how the venue would be about cameras, so I opted for my Nex 7. It did a pretty good job! It impresses me each time I use it. It was small and compact, yet took the quality photos that I'm looking for.

More are located on my Facebook page. Give it a like and check them out!

And I have to say it very explicitly on this post: DO NOT REPOST MY PHOTOS ANYWHERE AND DO NOT REMOVE MY WATERMARK. I've seen what has happened to photos taken of the Millionaires before and I don't want it happening to mine. I was not compensated for this, I took these for fun and to share. Please respect my work.

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