Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What Should I Wear? - Outfits Should Go, Not Necessarily Match

It’s hard enough for people to decide what to wear in a shoot when it’s just one person in the frame. People can really get overwhelmed with two or more! I’m here to help! I have done an example wardrobe for an imaginary shoot. For this shoot, I imagined two sisters shooting at a lake or pond with a dock and lots of greenery around. I stuck with the colors turquoise, pink, yellow, white, and tan. Notice that every color is not in each outfit! It was just a starting point. Keep reading for how you can select a wardrobe for your shoot that looks good, but isn’t matchy-matchy.

Select a palette for your wardrobe. When multiple people are in the shot, their outfits do not have to match and be the exact same thing or the exact same colors. It’d be wise to pick about 4 colors to make your palette for your wardrobe. Make sure one of them is a neutral (khaki, grey, black, white, etc.)! You can check out ColourLovers for some premade palettes if you’re really stuck.

Keep the same casualness level. This one sounds simple, but you’d be surprised. If one person is super casual in jeans and a t-shirt, then the other people in the shot should be similarly dressed. Pay attention to the material that the clothes are made out of. A cotton dress would look fine if the other person had on, say, dark jeans and a cotton t-shirt. If one person had on a silk-looking shirt, the other people in the shot should wear items that are just as fancy.

Pay attention to where you are shooting. If you are shooting in a more woodsy, green, nature-esqu location, please, avoid wearing green! You don’t want to blend in, you want to stand out! Make sure that the colors you choose go with green. Neon yellow probably wouldn’t look the best in some green grass. Neutrals, soft colors, and earthy tones tend to work well in nature. Just think, if you could find the color naturally in the world (flowers, water, sky, etc.), then it’d probably work for a shoot in a nature location. Now, if your shoot is somewhere more urban, like downtown in a city or lots of concrete around, you want to think bold. Rich colors that stand out against the dull background work best. Bring blacks, dark jeans, and jewel colored items if your shoot is more urban for the best pictures.

It’s better to bring too much, than not enough. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: When in doubt, bring more! I’d rather have tons of options and help you put an outfit together than have you show up with a limited selection.

I’ll post more examples of wardrobes that ‘go, not necessarily match’ in the future!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

What Should I Wear? - Nature Setting

Previously I discussed what to wear in an urban setting. Today, I’m going to go over some options if your shoot is in a nature setting.

Soft, natural colors. When you’re selecting clothes, try to pick ones that are soft colors that you can find in nature. I usually try to avoid green, though, because we don’t want you blending into the background. That only applies during summer. Once fall hits and the colors start getting more muted, green is perfect.

Delicate, girly patterns. If you want to wear patterns, I suggest floral prints and delicate patterns. Nothing too large or overwhelming.

Jeans are always good. Bring jeans to every type of shoot! That said, I would specifically bring light to medium washes if I was shooting out in nature. It just seems to go better.

Neutrals. Yes, again, always bring neutrals. Browns and cream colors, especially. Not so much with black and grey, but those can still work. Navy is another great neutral when in a nature setting.

I hope this helped give you a better idea of the types of clothes to bring to a photoshoot in a nature setting. Another good thing to bring is bug spray!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

What Should I Wear? - Senior Session Guy

Here is the guys version of a senior session. I selected a very casual look, something a little nicer, a summery outfit, another casual look, and, finally, a dressy look. Notice that I have stripes and plaid. Don’t be afraid of prints! Just make sure the rest of your outfit is on the simpler side. Remember to bring any school uniforms you have, too! Below are some other helpful tips.

Keep it simple. Bring basic, timeless pieces. I wouldn’t get too carried away with the clothes. The focus should be on you, not what your wearing. One super trendy outfit is fine, but remember that trends change, but the classic pieces will always be around.

Bring fun accessories. Accessories are a great way to bring some fun into the picture, but not overpower the photo. Don’t bring all crazy accessories, though, make sure you have some basic shoes and jewelry, too.

It’s better to bring too much. I’d rather have you show up with a suitcase of options that we could pick from, rather than bring three outfits that might not work as well.

No labels. Only bring shirts that do not have writing on them. Just trust me on this one. In five years, you will not want ‘American Eagle’ or ‘Cutie’ written in huge letters on your shirt. It’s distracting. People will be reading your shirt, rather than looking at you.

Bring things that are particular to YOU! Brings items, clothes, props, etc. that fit your personality. If you love shoes, bring a bunch of pairs and we could have you sitting among them! If you have a beloved pet, we could get some pictures with him or her! The possibilities are endless!