Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Victorian Halls, The Venetia Fair, and Flannel Mouth | Concert

I went up to Chicago to see some awesome bands: Victorian Halls, The Venetia Fair, and Flannel Mouth. I've seen them all before, they're all great performers, so needless to say, I was pumped for this show. Another perk is that I know all the band pretty well (that's an understatement for Flannel Mouth, who are high school buddies of mine), which meant I got pretty much free reign to take photos of the bands. I just took my Sony Nex 7 along, since it's small and has been doing amazing at the concerts I use it at.

 Up first was Flannel Mouth! They've come so far from when I knew them as a whole different name haha. They're excellent musicians, you should definitely keep an eye on them.

Up next was The Venetia Fair and I love seeing these guys perform. They're insane in the best way possible. Even if you aren't fond of their music, you'll love their stage antics.

And closing the show was Victorian Halls. I always love the energy they bring to shows! They've got quick, catchy beats and great lyrics.

All these bands have made a stop in Peoria before! Flannel Mouth is from Peoria, actually, so be sure to check these bands out when you can!

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