Friday, April 20, 2012

What Should I Wear? - Under My Clothes

I haven’t done a What to Wear post in way too long! I was thinking yesterday of some more topics and this came to mind. A lot of thought is put into what to wear that sometime people forget what to wear under those clothes. It is equally important to wear the right undergarments to look your best. Obviously, this only applies to the ladies, sorry boys!

First off, wear a nude bra. Always. I know it’s boring, but 9 times out of 10 we don’t want your bra to be noticeable. Some people don’t realize that their shirt might be a little thin and a nude bra can save the day. Other times, if a strap does poke out, it’s a lot easier to retouch a nude bra than, let’s say, a hot pink one. If you really don’t have nude, I would say wear black or white. Or bring all three, because you never know!

I would also highly suggest at least bringing a nude colored strapless bra. Sometimes you can just tuck the straps of your normal bra in and it’s fine, but other times you can’t. It’s always a good idea to bring one if you have it.

And now, underwear. I know nobody wants VPL (visible panty lines), but I don’t think a thong is the smart choice. I would say well covering briefs or boyshorts are your best bet. The reason is that I often shoot people in public places where we have to duck in an ally way or behind some bushes or in a car to change into the next outfit. It’s better to have your bum fully covered and then some rather than your cheeks hanging out. Again, I would keep the underwear nude, black, or white, but most bottoms aren’t see through, so you should be okay with any color.

Finally, a tank top. Yep, the trusty tank top can come in quite handy. Did you forget a nude bra? A tank top can help. Is the shirt more see through than you remembered? A tank top can help. I would say bring a black and a white one, but any tank top that goes with your wardrobe would be fine. We may not need it, but it’s better safe than sorry, right?

There you have it! It’s not too complicated, but it’s almost so easy that it can slip people’s mind. Next time your picking out clothes for a shoot, keep these tips in mind!

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