Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What Should I Wear? - On My Face

I think the most popular question I get asked is what I do for my makeup when I’m modeling. I thought a post explaining a simple look would be helpful for those getting their photos taken, modeling or not. Some of you might not know this, but I worked in the cosmetic department at Macy’s for a while in 2010 and picked up some good tips there.

1. Concealer. I start off with concealer on any blemishes and under eye circles. You can use liquid or powder, it’s really your preference. Just make sure the concealer is a couple shades lighter than your skin.

2. Liquid Foundation. Now go over your entire face with liquid foundation. You can use a brush, sponge, or clean fingers for this step. Make sure you blend really well, especially around your neck! In fact, go ahead and put some foundation on your neck and blend. Having a drastically paler neck compared to your face isn’t flattering on anyone.

3. Powder Foundation. After liquid foundation comes powder foundation. This will really seal your foundation so it doesn’t just sweat off. Just use a big brush and make small circular motions over your entire face and neck until it is blended in.

4. Blush. Next, it’s time for some blush. Smile really big and put the blush on the apples of your cheeks. Don’t put too much and be sure to blend it in really well.

5. Eyeliner. This is probably the one step that you could skip if you were really weary of it. Apply eyeliner, liquid or pencil, to your upper lash line. Now, this should be a very thin line to accentuate your eyes. It shouldn’t look super obvious that you’re wearing eyeliner.

6. Eyeshadow. Brown eyeshadow looks good with any eye color. It’s subtle and doesn’t distract the viewer from the photo of you. Start with the medium shade of eyeshadow and cover your entire eyelid. Next, use the darker shade on the crease above your eyelid. Finally, use the lightest shade directly underneath your eyebrow. The picture below is a dramatic example of the look, but clearly shows where the different shades should be used.


7. Fake eyelashes. When I say fake eyelashes, I don’t mean the huge, very-fake-looking ones. I’m talking about the little baby ones that you just put on the outer edge of you eye lashes. Put the fake lashes as close to your real lashes as possible. This will really open your eyes and acentuate the lashes.

8. Mascara. After you’ve got your eyelashes on, it’s time for mascara. This will darken your own lashes, help the real and fake lashes blend together, and help the fake lashes stay on better. Apply the mascara as you normally would, root to tips.

9. Lipstick. Next, apply some lipstick that is just a couple shades darker than your natural lip color.

10. Lipgloss. Finally, use some clear lip gloss and apply a small amount to your lips.
This is a very basic, natural look that will make sure the focus is about the photo and you, the subject, as a whole. If you usually wear grey eyeshadow during the day, then you could most definitely use shades of grey instead of brown for your eyeshadow. Wearing the proper makeup really does a lot for your photos!

I hope this was helpful and if you have any other What To Wear suggestions, please let me know!

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