Thursday, June 30, 2011

What Should I Wear? - Urban Setting

When selecting a wardrobe for your photoshoot, it is important you keep in mind where the photoshoot is taking place. As of right now it’s easiest to group photoshoots into two different types: urban and nature. I’ll be going over some basics of what to wear in an urban environment. Urban environments are the city: concrete, bricks, metal, etc.

Bold, bright colors. In my opinion, urban settings are not the lace for girly pastels. Urban calls for bold and bright. Think primary colors and jewel tones. Darker colors always work well, too, like maroon

Prints. Any animal print looks great in an urban setting. Plaid, believe it or not, works well, too. Plaid gives off a very grunge feeling, so keep that in consideration. Stripes are always good. Dots work, too. Stay away from floral prints, though.

Neutrals. Neutrals always work, no matter what. It’s always good to bring some black, white, greys, and browns to pair with the bolder items.

Of course these are just some guidelines to help you, if you’re deadset on a girly, country-esque dress, I’ll make it work anyways. Just bring things that really express who you are. That is the most important.

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